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El Nada Hospital

Founded in 1999, El Nada Hospital is the first private hospital specialized in the health care of women and children in the heart of Cairo. Since then we have been providing our sophisticated medical care uniquely designed for the needs of women in a safe, comfortable and caring environment.

As the largest birth center in Cairo, we and thousands of parents shared the moments of glory welcoming new members to their families. Covering women’s care and pregnancy care, we also cover every medical specialty that treats women at any stage of their lives.

Our facility is highly equipped to meet your needs to have a healthy, safe and happy delivery. It is created entirely for women and is dedicated to make your birth experience absolutely wonderful.

We work our best to always acquire the cutting edge medical equipment and the latest proven technologies. As When it comes to patient’s safety and life support we spare no effort or money to obtain the best from all over the world. Consequently, a continuous updating and replacement process of equipment has been taking place.

In order to keep our equipment’s condition as good as new, to ensure the highest level of safety, our home biomedical engineer is always available to guarantee a perfect performance of all machines.

This backstage effort may not be entirely clear to our patients, but it is crystal clear to the doctors who puts their full trust in us as we have been their favorite destination over the past 18 years. It is our honor to be part of the most important moment of your life.

Hospital Powered by
  • Drager, the world leading German company for medical and surgical life support systems provides the hospital with: anesthesia machines, medical monitors, neonatal incubators, neonatal ventilators, neonatal resuscitators, neonatal ultraviolet machines, jaundice meters, and surgical lights.
  • State of the art electrically operated patients beds from Linet.
  • Patients transfer trolleys from Stryker.
  • Ultrasound machines from Samsung.
  • CTG machines from Bionet and Toyto.
  • OR stainless steel cladding and antibacterial finish from Alvo.
  • OR tablets and furniture from Alvo and Macay.
  • Sterilization machines from Matatchana.
  • Surgical Instruments from Aesculap.
  • Diathermy machines from Aesculap.

All these brands are very well known to the medical staff and working with them gives the doctors a very high degree of confidence,
and the patients a very high degree of safety even in the most critical situations.


Our history began in 1999. We had our opening in the heart of Cairo with 20 single rooms and suites, 3 operating theaters, and 6 incubators. We planted the values and ethics that we cherish and abide to until this very moment.


Since the opening, El Nada has witnessed a remarkable demand on its services. Due to this demand we had no other way but expansion. Consequently, the the third floor was launched to reach the number of 38 single rooms and suites, 5 operating theaters, and 15 incubators.


We have a core belief of upgrading and updating. Out of this belief in 2006 we had the five operating theaters completely renovated with anti bacterial stainless steel walls and ceilings. We searched for the latest cutting edge anesthetic machines and the head lights which we did install.

More NICU Units

By 2007 we achieved a new milestone by having the largest NICU in a private hospital in Cairo. It all started with us being a trusted destination for immature babies and sick newborns. We used to incubate babies born in the hospital and others coming from outside to be rescued and treated in our facility. The NICU was expanded by the addition of 9 more incubators to reach a total of 24 intensive care incubators in service.


In 2008 we had our second phase of renovation. This time we replaced all patient beds by brand new electrically operated ones by “LINET”. This change reflected our sophistication in providing nothing but the latest update of our services.

High Capacity

2012 was the time for another expansion. Our comprehensive care of general and high-risk obstetric and gynecologic care increased the demand on our facility. By then we reached the capacity of 50 beds by launching the fourth floor.

Zayed Opening

Our history is an ongoing process. Saving more lives, bringing more lives to life is an engraved mission in our hearts. As we continue to grow in providing exceptional care, we decided to enlarge the communities we serve. Consequently, we are now serving in Zayed area to reach more, serve more and save more.

  • El Nada hospital is the leading maternity hospital in Egypt.
  • More than 105000 deliveries and operations were successfully performed since 1999 till 2017.
  • Our culture of excellence drives us to carefully select the best staff members of Cairo University School of Medicine.
  • We offer the highest levels of professionalism in medical care.
  • Our exceptional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit provides an incomparable care for premature newborns.
  • We spare no effort or money to provide only the best equipment worldwide as our real investment is saving lives.
  • Our social and moral responsibility crowned us the preferred destination for doctors and patients for the past 18 years.
  • It is our privilege to be part of your baby’s birth day.
  • Eng. Aly Hasan Chairman
  • Prof. Omar Abdel Aziz Vice Chairman
  • Prof. Alaa El Sawalhy Medical Director
  • Mr. Akram Ali Administration Director
  • Prof. Mahmoud Hussein
  • Prof. Khalid Rashid
  • Prof. Raafat Ryad
  • Prof. Montaser El Kotby
  • Prof. Safaa El Karaksy
  • Dr. Sohaila Seoudy
  • Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Hussein
  • Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Hussein
  • Eng. Ahmed Aly Hasan Chairman
  • Prof. Omar Abdel Aziz Vice Chairman & CEO
  • Eng. Aly Hasan Board Member
  • Prof. Khaled Rashid
  • Prof. Ihab Soliman
  • Prof. Ashraf Ramadan
  • Prof. Mostafa Abdel Barr
  • Dr. Ahmed Kamel
  • Dr. Hany Nabil
  • Prof. Alaa El Sawalhy
  • Prof. Mohamed Momtaz
  • Prof. Basma Makin
  • Prof. Ahmed Mahmoud
  • Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Hussein
  • Prof. Safaa El Karaksy
  • Dr. Sherif Dahab
  • Dr. Sherif Hakky
  • Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Hussein
  • Dr. Sohaila Seoudy
  • Dr. Morad Momtaz

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